Albaymyself: Flying Solo in Albay

Several issues can arise when you are travelling alone in an unfamiliar place. The probability of getting mugged or falling ill can spark the worst horror stories on the road. However, it only took me 24 hours in Albay and P2000 (40 USD) to know that the most persistent issue when you are travelling alone is to explain why you are alone.

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If you find the post helpful and you happen to be in travelling in Albay soon, can you please send me a postcard? Don’t write “I wish you were here.” I’ve been there and we don’t know each other. Haha! Instead, tell me a story. I’ll reciprocate with a postcard from Cebu. ;p

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2 thoughts on “Albaymyself: Flying Solo in Albay

  1. Hi, can you send me your itinerary when you were in Albay and expenses, too, if you may. I’m planning to go there this week with me, myself and I. Haha. Seriously. Thank you

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