Imagined First Dates with TV Characters

Nate Archibald (Gossip Girl)

I’d probably be on the fence when he first asks me out. I know him to be quite a player when we were in the prep school scene. I would have to say yes eventually because duh, he’s Nate Archibald. And then he’d give that boyish grin I’ve always found so charming.

He’d take me out to dinner at a high end restaurant, of course. We’d catch up and he’d rave about his new job as the editor of The Spectator. I’d overlook his Vanderbilt connections behind his career for I would be zeroing in on how and why he took down Gossip Girl. I would see that the Nate I knew from prep school wasn’t even half the man he had become.¬†And the guy Dan Humphrey wrote as half a character in his book would become the main character in mine.

Ezra Fitz (Pretty Little Liars)

I’d bump into him at Hollis during my stint as a guest lecturer. When he introduces himself, I would foolishly say, “Fitz? The Mr. Fitz every college girl is swooning over?” To which he’d reply, “I don’t know about that but I know I’m the Mr. Fitz who had to use this lecture hall 15 minutes ago.”

He would agree when I tell him to make up for stealing his lecture hall by buying him lunch. We’d talk about Shakespeare and old French movies over pasta. Then he would tell me about this local theater that shows black and white movies and we’d go there later that day.

We would then go for a stroll at Right Now Square and that would be where it would all go wrong. Somehow, when we walk past the clock tower, I would see that oh so familiar look in his face–that look that says it was a perfect evening, just not with the right girl.

Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

I’d be visiting a manufacturing plant in a small town called Mystic Falls when I would first meet this smoldering hot guy. I would find him cocky and charming at the same time, if that’s even possible. He’s not usually the type I’d be interested to, but somehow, I would find myself dazzled by that certain mystique he exudes.

He’d leave me wondering how a rude, ill-mannered jackass could have such great taste in wines and too much knowledge on history, be it about anything that happened within the last 150 years.

He’d take me on a moonlit picnic by the river, not too far from the remnants of his old ancestral house. True, Damon is rough around the edges but the smallest tinge of sweetness that escapes from his guarded facade could leave my heart melting for a long long time.

Damon would then tell me that something from his past is haunting him and that we could never work. No matter how my heart tells me otherwise, I would take a good look at his eyes and I’d find myself believing him somehow.


Note: This was originally posted on on February 2, 2012 in response to the Imagined First Dates challenge.

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