My Chemical Romance

On our first day of class, a student had the nerve to ask about my relationship status. This is not something I haven’t been asked before but I never thought a new student would ask me on orientation day. Needless to say, I was caught off guard.

You see, my generic answer would either be “I’m not at liberty to disclose that information” or “lahat ng nakakaalam sa sagot dyan, bumagsak.” I have a pre-conceived answer to the question which is why I’m still beating myself up for the answer I gave—“It’s complicated.”

I never got to explain. Hence this blog. You see, this was the complicated relationship I had in mind—my relationship with Chemistry.

Organic Chemistry.

My childhood sweetheart. He has always been there as I was growing up in the academe. We’ve always been friends but we only had to consider a relationship because after all we’ve been through, we thought we owed it to ourselves to give love a try. And love I did… until we had to grow up and drift apart.

Analytical Chemistry.

The love that never was. It’s true what they say. You yearn for the things you can’t have. Yes, my love for analytical chemistry went unrequited. Later in life, we did meet again and he did express some sort of affection… but a girl can only wait for so long.

Physical Chemistry.

Phychem and I make an odd pair. I was never as good with physics as I was with chemistry but it seemed that the chemistry part was enough to compensate what we lacked in the physical aspect. There were sparks, yes. But I’m still waiting for the fireworks.

Inorganic Chemistry.

He was overlooked when our paths first crossed. He was known as General Chemistry then. Maybe I was too young to appreciate him at the time. When we met again, there’s no denying how good we were together. It was a passionate relationship but you know what they say about fires—the bigger the flame the faster it burns out.

Inorganic chemistry turned into the boyfriend from hell who demanded too much of me. It kinda made me think, “Do we really have a future together?”

And then there’s…


You would think we were made for each other. Biomolecules are organic compounds and I wasn’t bad in organic chemistry if I must say so myself. I also had a flat one in all my biology subjects. You see, we are the perfect match on paper. But then again, love doesn’t work that way because as it turns out… Biochem and I cannot stand each other.

At twenty something years old, I believe the clock won’t start ticking anytime soon. So I’ll take my time, and maybe one day, one of them will grow into my one true love.

Disclaimer: This entry refers purely to the different fields of Chemistry. Any resemblance to actual people is a figment of your imagination.


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