On Time and Waves

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The moon makes a turn around the Earth. We call this event a day. Time is represented by change but it seems like the other way around, does it?

We have turned it into a concept that frames periods of events. We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by it, hustling to beat every tick. Other times we feel that we have too much of it and let it waste away as if you could kill time without injuring eternity (Thoreau).

In the southeastern part of the Philippines, there exists a place where the concept of time doesn’t seem too imposing. It is a place where you can do much and still have time to spare. This magical place goes by the name Siargao.

Siargao has a vast coastal area where wind and current can come uninterrupted from the Pacific Ocean. In other words, strong waves never stop coming. While some people detest these conditions, the wave is a highly valued resource.

Going beyond recreation, I have embraced nature as my religion. The ocean is my temple, my mosque, my synagogue. I can only take what it gives me and do what I can with it without tainting its sanctity. When the ocean gives you coral reefs teeming with beauty, you dive and bask in its glory. When the ocean gives you relentless waves, you take your board and surf!

Sometimes the water won’t let you stand on your feet. When it does, it can always decide to wipe you out and keep you under. It can be difficult to catch the wave and ride it. You just have to be as persistent as the wave who never ceases to kiss the shore no matter how many times it is sent away (Sarah Kay). The moment the ocean recognizes your persistence, time halts and nothing else exists.

Well at least until you wipe out or has been brought ashore.

Did time really stop or was it just my perception? Why do we frame time in exact measures when it is not as concrete as we make it out to be? Nevertheless, there’s always Siargao for when we have too much time or not enough of it

Getting There

Cebu Pacific and Sky Jet fly to Sayak Airport direct from Manila. Flights from Cebu are also possible through Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. Siargao can also be reached from Surigao City via ferry.

Going Around

Vans are available from the airport to your hostel/hotel at 300 per person. In General Luna where most hotels are, habal-habal and tricycles can be chartered for a minimal fee.

Where to Stay

Hostels to fancy hotels are available in General Luna. For an authentic island experience, stay at Paglaom Hostel.

Where to Catch Waves

Cloud 9 is a popular place for surfers. This is the spot where most international surf competitions are held. There are other surf spots in Siargao but most can only be reached by small pump boats.

Other Places to Visit

Try island hopping to Daku, Guyam, and Naked Islands by chartering a boat from General Luna boulevard for P1500.

Magpupungko Rock Pool is also worth a visit. Make sure you drop by during low tide or there’ll be no pool to speak of. The pool disappears as sea level rises.

Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande is a must see. The three-hour boat ride from Siargao is worth the trip. Swim with stingless jellyfish, go under crevices of limestone formations, and jump off cliffs.


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