The Light Remains

If you have visited this site before, you have probably noticed that it looks significantly different that it did before. In fact, if you have tried to visit it a few months back, you’d notice that the site has been parked by the webhost. You’d think that I had let this domain or this blog in general go. And you would be right. I let it go. I had to.

For several months, I have lost the financial capacity to sustain the blog and with it the ability to cover the sustenance cost of leading a life that is worth blogging about. And that’s all for a job that should have allowed me to do all these things or at the very least, allowed me to support myself. Who knew that what you do for a living could not only put your life on hold but also cost it so much?

But that’s life and I am who I am. I have to honor my commitment no matter the personal cost. My moral compass won’t have it any other way.

It is just unfortunate that this blog, this piece of myself was among the things I was forced to forgo. This blog was the way I got in touch with my thoughts. It was also the way with which I got to take a peek of my past (did you know that I started blogging since the Friendster era?). It made me count my blessings and be proud enough of them to share them to the world. It also opened opportunities. Of course, losing the blog meant I was no longer qualified to be offered writing commissions. But that part is not that big a deal. I never even told anyone I wrote articles for some websites up until now!

The thing is that I never really bothered to weigh how much this blog meant to me until I lost it. And almost completely, at that. The first billing attempt failed and I couldn’t afford a backup service. Each failed attempt that followed broke my heart more than the last. And then it happened–the last notification that took away the site with finality. I was devastated knowing that more than ten years of documented memories were driven into oblivion.

Luckily, some site archived a snapshot of Afterglow. Not all of it is gone.

Afterglow. I’ve always known that’s what I’d call my blog the moment I encountered the term. How fitting?! It came to me in a Rabindranath Tagore quote. That quote has been in this blog’s banner since.

What is an afterglow? It is the light that remains after the sun has set. It’s that residual feel-good factor that stays even after the moment has gone. We can take it as a beacon of hope so that we may never lose heart no matter the circumstance.

That light is what I’m taking with me as I rebuild this site and all the other things that need mending. Please bear with me while I work on them.

For now, just know that the light remains.

The light remains and it shall be back to its former glory in the morning. Perhaps even brighter than before.

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